A Song for the Day #127 – Stanley Brinks


Although most of the day at Hwyl festival in London was spent watching the rugby, chatting to people I don’t often get to see, partaking in the toughest pub quiz of all time, eating far too many free Welsh cakes and watching a bit of comedy.  I did actually get to watch a couple of bands too.

Stanley Brinks was one of the acts that I managed to catch and he was a joy to watch.  He had an infectious personality and it was during the track ‘Orange Juice’ that this was best demonstrated.  A lot of the previously seated room stood for it and loudly sang along as Stanley himself got into the crowd.  The track itself is a pretty charming simple guitar song but it’s a good un and the lyrics are well worth paying attention to.

The song is one of many that Stanley has recorded in collaboration with the band ‘The Wave Pictures’ over the years.  It was released just before their third album together, Gin, and isn’t actually found on the record.  Stanley is one of those artists who appears to never stop working, and as you can see here, he has quite the discography!