Too Many Blogs – The First Year In Numbers


Sooo, Too Many Blogs has turned one.  When I first started this blog the idea was to give it a year and to see if anything came of it.  I’d always wanted to get more involved in the music world and a blog seemed like a logical first step.  More than I ever expected has happened because of it and so I imagine Too Many Blogs will definitely still be going this time next year.  Just as a way to put some perspective on thing, I figured I’d put together a post that just shows some figures and things.

The six months as which lasted from Dec – May generated just over 8000 views.  That same six month period after I changed the domain to has generated nearly triple that number and the daily views keeps on growing.

Over this time I have seen 113 different performances live (some of these have been the same artist), been to two festivals (Green Man and Primavera Sound), visited 35 different venues and seen 90 different artists.  From this I have written up 68 different reviews of the various shows from a total of 221 published articles.

It has been a pretty busy year then… Below are a few more little facts n figures yo!

The top five most visited articles

1. Contact Me – I guess this should have been obvious.

2. A Song for the Day #77 – Flume  – That’s what putting a leaked track on your site does for you.

3. A Song for the Day #84 – Emmy The Great – Can’t thank Emmy enough for pushing this.

4. Art Garfunkel at the Bridgewater Hall review – Still have no idea where all this traffic came from.

5.  An Introduction to The National (lesser known tracks) – Probably my favourite ‘Introduction to’. I need to do another one soon!

The top five countries that the most visits have come from: The UK (Obviously), USA, Germany, Canada, France.

There’s been some crazy search terms with which people have found the site. ‘Dogs’ is crazily high, but my favourite search term will forever be ‘Deaf Woman Pussy’.  I’m sorry to the person that didn’t get what they came for.

That’s it.  Short but a little insight into the year that’s been. Thank you to everyone that has visited and thanks to everyone that keeps coming back!