A Song for the Day #91 – The Slow Show

slow show

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would bet every penny that I own on the fact that The Slow Show are fans of The National.  The first clue that the Manchester band were fans of the band formed in Cincinnati came from their name, being as it is also the title of one of The National’s best tracks ‘Slow Show’.  The second clue came from the fact that when I clicked play on their soundcloud link for this single ‘Dresden’, after the choral introduction, the song screams nothing but The National.

This isn’t a bad thing though.  Had the track not been up to it, I wouldn’t have been writing about it right now and it is a really good song.  ‘Dresden’ begins much like many of The National tracks, minimalist and piano led with that talking kind of singing that Matt Berninger has got nailed down, before building and introducing various instruments, including some brass, and finishing strongly.  You could even argue that the harmonies that come in are very reminiscent of ‘Afraid of Everyone’ from the High Violet album.  Although this track heavily borrows from The National, it’s still a great one.  And I’m not trying to put the band down.  If anything I’m trying to compliment the fact that they have attempted to take on a similar style but have actually pulled it off too.  Their debut album will be released next year and you can consider me interested in hearing it.

Blurb bit – Dresden is the new single from The Slow Show, released 15th December on Haldern Pop Recordings. Inspired by the band’s adventures while visiting the city on tour (“dark, dark tales from the Dresden dens”), Dresden is the first single to be taken from White Water, The Slow Show’s long-awaited debut album due for release March 2015. Recorded over the past year in Blueprint Studios in Manchester (where Elbow record), White Water is the first UK release on German label Haldern Pop Recordings, the label formed by the team behind the successful Haldern Pop Festival. 

You can see the recently released video for ‘Dresden’ below: