A Song for the Day #80 – Stuart Newman


Finally! A track that stood out to me.  After trawling through my emails for over half an hour, I finally found a song that I wanted to listen to from beginning to end.  The track is titled ‘One Big F’ and has been put out by Brighton based artist Stuart Newman.  I’m not too sure on who he is and his website wasn’t the easiest on the eyes, but I had a go at finding out some more.

Blurb – STUART NEWMAN is a songwriter, singer + recording artist who loves nothing more than immersing himself in guitar and stereo singing layers.  He varies his vocals and voices – it makes for interesting choices.  His music started off in a more lo-fi, raw and acoustic fashion with the early home recorded + self-produced collection – ‘SINGLE BUT DEFECTIVE'(2009) …and has since moved to somewhere bigger sounding, with all his signature quirks, artistic ambition and style intact.

Newman is the architect of his own creativity – as songwriter, guitarist and singer of all vocals – sometimes seeing the writing process akin to writing a film script in which he can choose to play any role he decides – he freely plays with accent, guitar, song narrative and audio atmosphere to create his tunes.

At the end of the day though, the clumsy personal website isn’t what matters.  When it comes to the music, judging by the track ‘One Big F’, Stuart writes some bloody decent tunes.  The track reminds me a lot of The Beta Band and that is never a bad thing.