A Song for the Day #72 – DOROTHY


Just as I was on the verge of clearing out all of my August emails (yes I’m that far behind) I stumbled upon this little gem.  DOROTHY are a four-piece band from Los Angeles named after their lead singer – Dorothy on lead vocals, Mark Jackson on guitar, Greg on bass, and Zac Morris on drums.  “Wild Fire” is the catchy follow-up to their debut “After Midnight,”.  I really like how powerful the vocals are and I love the whole bluesy sound behind her.  The occasional ooo’s remind me of something that could have been taken straight from Jack White’s latest release.

The band have been receiving no end of praise stateside, below are a few examples:

“They’re dangerous, they kick ass and they’re exactly what rock needs.” – Huffington Post
“Straight power and style on all fronts. Think Sleigh Bells intensity birthing a baby with Patti Smith’s gritty vocals.” – NOISEY
“If you’ve lost faith in female rockers, then get ready to be blown away by L.A. four-piece DOROTHY. While the HAIM sisters are winning favor for their indie pop offerings, there hasn’t been a great deal of brash, in-your-face female rock, until now.” – IndieShuffle
“Dorothy, the band’s singularly-named power-house vocalist (somewhere between Fiona Apple and Grace Slick on the bad-ass chick scale).” – BULLETT

You can watch the video for their debut single below this little soundcloud box.  Enjoy!