Recommended By: Sharon Van Etten


Only a couple of hours ago it dawned on me, in among my questions for Sharon Van Etten I’d asked her to recommend some music and had completely forgotten to do a piece on it.  So here it is!  If you missed the interview (you probably didn’t) you can find it here –

Sharon actually recommended 21 artists, all of which are listed at the very bottom of this post. I’ve picked four that I hadn’t heard before to feature and one bonus one that I had.


I started with Spoon purely because they have a new album out this week and are a band that I feel don’t really get the attention that they deserve.  The track below is the first single from the new LP titled They Want My Soul.

Heather Woods Broderick

I had never heard of Heather Woods Broderick until I saw the name within the list that Van Etten sent.  Having had a listen to her debut album From The Ground it was the title track that stood out the most for me.  An interesting album and one I will go back to.

Hotel Lights

Current drummer of Sharon’s touring band and previously the drummer in Ben Folds Five, Darren Jessee takes a change and fronts the rather lovely Hotel Lights.  There has been no new music since 2011’s Girl Graffiti but I would suspect that there should be something new to come in the next twelve months.  Reminds me of Ben Kweller.

Tiny Ruins

Another artist that I had never heard of prior to this list.  Tiny Ruins released new album Brightly Painted One back in April of this year and the track ‘She’ll Be Coming ‘Round’ is one of the highlights.  One of those albums that sounds better in a quiet room late at night.  Catch them at The Castle Hotel on August 21st for only £6 – here

Strand of Oaks

I knew the name Strand of Oaks but had never got to listen to them in the past.  I managed to get through all of the latest release Heal and it was really good with the opening song ‘Goshen 97’ really standing out to me.  Give it a go! It’s different from the other songs that I have picked above. Catch them at The Deaf Institute in October for only £8. – Buy

So that’s your lot.  I didn’t get around to listening to the whole list just yet and so there might be better tracks in there. I really enjoy getting to see what an artist you like is listening to though and hopefully you do too because I’m going to be asking every one that I meet!

Sharon’s recommendations in full:

Doug Keith, Heather Woods Broderick, Hotel Lights, Tiny Ruins, Lewis, Jonathan Wilson, The Bats, Matteah Baim, Spoon, Brianna Lea Pruett, Phosphene, Natureboy, Shilpa Ray, Amen Dunes, Jana Hunter (of Lower Dens), Steve Gunn, The War on Drugs, Nightlands, Strand of Oaks, Lyla Foy, Alice Boman.