Recommended by: Jocie Adams (Arc Iris)

As you may have seen, I recently got to catch up with Jocie Adams from Arc Iris and formally of group The Low Anthem.  During the conversation I asked Jocie if she could recommend a few artists that she was listening to at the time.

I was only given the names of the bands/artists and no actual song choices, so the song’s have been picked by myself.  I’d never heard of any of these five originally and since checking them out I really love Anais Mitchell, Patrick Watson and Cuddle Magic.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as me!

Cuddle Magic – Moby Dickless – “Cuddle Magic are great, they’ve not got the best band name, but they’re great”

Anais Mitchell – Young Man in America


The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

Patrick Watson – Step Out For a While

Ivor Cutler – Shoplifters

I had a great time talking to Jocie Adams and hopefully if and when I get another interview, I’ll be able to do a similar feature as I love hearing recommendations from other people as well.