Green Man 2014 lineup



Having been born in Wales and living there for 27 years, along with the fact that I usually like the lineup at the Brecon Beacons festival, it might come as a surprise that I have never actually attended Green Man.

This year however, is when that will hopefully come to an end.  With each announcement that has taken place, my want for attending has increased.  As recurring readers of the blog/twitter may already be aware, there’s at least 25 bands on that lineup poster that I would want to go see.  The End of the Road festival usually has the best lineup in the UK each year for me, but this year I think it the Welsh festival has mostly equaled and in some cases even bettered it.

I hear a lot of positive things about Green Man, location and the general feel of the festival being the usual aspects praised.  The event isn’t sold out yet but I can’t see that remaining the case for too long.  Tickets are priced at £166 for standard adults (with booking fee) and can be bought from here –