A Song for the Day #6

I spent last night working through the 40 odd unread emails that I have been sent recently in hopes of finding something to write about for today. After around 15 emails in of reading and listening to the songs that the emails had recommended, something grabbed my attention.

Today’s track comes from the Sheffield band, Abe.  I ended up listening to the entire E.P and actually really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t find much about them online so I can’t provide much more information about them, however, the track ‘You Are Me’ is the final song off their debut release, Heave-Ho, and probably stood out to me the most.  If you’re a fan of Wild Beasts then this band should be right up your street, the vocals are very reminiscent of Hayden Thorpe’s and although clearly influenced by the band, they create a sound that entirely justifies the comparison.

Check out ‘You Are Me’ below and if you like it, hear the rest of the Heave-Ho E.P here – http://abesmusic.bandcamp.com/